April 17th to April 20th

Wooah! The last couple days have seemed a little crazy! I guess it is going to be chaotic from now on!

So the PT test went very well on April 14th, even though it was cold, raining and really early, I passed! Thank God! Our unit usually gangs up on the people who don’t pass and make them randomly do exercises throughout the day… things like run around the outside of the building, do 100 pushups, and other stupid bullshit! I guess I am pretty lucky… I almost didn’t pass my sit-ups by 1!  I plan on not making that a habit… I don’t think I’d enjoy getting picked on by total douche bags who think its ‘good training’ to shit on your parade! 

Aside from that! Friday, April 17th I woke-up at the hotel I was staying at in Columbus and hurried to our unit to get there by 6:30. With everything packed I made some sweet ghetto bag tags and labeled the shit out of everything I owned!


It was kinda sad seeing everyone’s family members and friends at the unit bidding us farewell… im sure if my family was there… id be bawling my eyes out! 

La de da dee everybody left at 8:30 on the 2 gigantic buses headed for Ft. Dix, NJ. (aka the worst place ever) We stopped for lunch at Wendy’s where I enjoyed a delicious Chicken sandwich. The rest of the day was spent driving… and for dinner we stopped at a nearby mall to eat dinner- I had Chick-Fill-A!

I woke-up on Saturday, April 18th freezing cold- I guess the barracks here actually have pretty good air conditioning units! We woke-up and enjoyed my first breakfast army chow….and relized how little I missed it!

About 8:00 we went straight to the classroom to a Combat Life Saver Course (CLS). Like most army classes..it was death by powerpoint!  We walked to lunch chow, back to the classroom, had class, and then headed back to the chow hall for dinner. (our day revolves around food…) 

When we went to the chow hall today the ‘Bad’ kids from Camp Challenge beat us to the door so we had to wait awhile to get in… as we were standing there chitchatting (mostly bullshitting) you could tell on all their faces that they were angry, pissed off, and probably hating life. I kinda felt bad for them, they were getting yelled and looked like they just ran a billion miles and rolled around in the grass… but I guess whatever they did to get into kiddy prison was bad enough they have to be treated that way.

I was arguing today about how I think those ‘Bad kids’ never really had a chance, that they were in a way, products of their environment and upbringing. I understand that they probably are old enough to understand what is right and wrong, but I don’t think the right choice is always available to be chosen… so either or- it must suck to be in kiddy prison as much as it probably sucks to be back in Basic Training!

Sunday, April 19th

Today was a 6:30 wake-up and a biscuit, sausage patty, over easy egg day with some cantaloupe on the side! We did a lot more Combat Lifesaver skill stuff and got to practice sticking a fake arm with an IV needle!


After our practice sessions we braked for lunch and once again hiked to the chow hall. The two ‘battle buddies’ I walked with practically ran to the damn chow hall, after letting them walk at lightening speed, I ate a salad with some French dressing and mystery meat!

Later that day, after our class was over we had a Battalion formation where we met our Battalion commander, command sergeant major, and a couple other people who all told us the same thing, “Everyone standing here will deploy together,” “At all times you have to be with a battle buddy,” and “Get to know the people around you because you will be together the whole time down range.”

So the last comment is the one that got me… and it made me ask myself, “so…am I going to have to reeeeaalllly be stuck with the annoying people in my team the whole deployment?” Once I realized it was probably possible, a little part of me died inside. I guess I should have known my string of luck was about to run out and I would have to suffer through a year of annoyingness! (this is foreshadowing I think)

Monday, April 20th

A typical cold and rainy Monday. We had breakfast, a 6:30am formation, and went back to CLS class and got to stick live victims! Of course I flawlessly performed the procedure on my victim, but when it came time for me to be the victim… I was rewarded with a huge purple and black bruise!



After lunch chow we came back to the classroom and took the Combat Life Saver test. My dumbass completely messed it up and answered Part 1 questions of Test A (Q 1-20) and Part 2 questions of Test B (Q 21-40). So my answer sheet was right from questions 1-20, and then I missed ever answer from 21-40! I think this is kind of funny… because its something I would have done anyways because I don’t really pay attention to details (which maybe I should start doing! )

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