Tuesday, April 21st

Tuesday, April 21st

Today we did a simulation of what it’d be like if we had to rescue someone on the battlefield with our CLS skills and all our other gear on. It was actually pretty cool, we got to run around with our gear on, drag dummies around and take care of life-like dummies! Near the end of the exercise the building we were in notionally blew up and all the dummies had different types of injuries and our group of 10 had to save them. The room was dark and really smoky with bright flashes going off to make treating the casualties harder… and of course I ran to the dummy that had his head detached! I guess his head was suppose to be on, and all his injury was a blown off leg.  I saw his head off…so I decided he was more then likely was dead… sooo… I left him and went to treat someone else. My bad! 

Although he later died from blood loss from his leg… our group did pretty good and saved 4 out of the 6 dummies! Our only casualty was someone from our group wore their new boots and got the fake dummy blood all over them…. and I got the red dyed blood all over my hands and knees. At least it washes off skin!! 


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