Friday, April 24th to Sunday, April 26th

Friday, April 24th  to Sunday, April 26th

More classes this week! We are learning about radio shit… something called a ANCD… top secret stuff… it’s a need to know…and you and I don’t need to know because we will NEVER use it! Anyways, its actually a storage flash drive thingy. We also sat through some power point slides about a thing called a MBITR. The only thing I actually remember is not to touch the antenna because it might shock you… and there is a button called a panic zero button that wipes all the info you have in there out… cool.. I guess.


OO- but I did learn some cool radio talk!

“Roger out” Translated into real people talk = “okay, bye.”

“Do you copy?” = “Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?”

“Copy last transition” = “Repeat what you just said”

“ (code name) + Roger out” = “(your code name) understands everything, bye)

I was trying to think of cool/funny code names for myself…. “Quack” “Freckle face”…. any suggestions?

We also learned how to load crypto… don’t ask me how… but supposedly there will be someone to do that… so if I need a hand… I wont be totally screwed!

Pretty much, this week consisted of lots of Mountain Dew bottles and struggling to stay awake! J But really- I think I might have actually learned a thing or two….so  I guess it wasn’t a TOTAL waste of time!


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  1. You had me laughing out LOUD about the headless dummy!!!! If I saw someone decapitated I wouldn’t give them a second look either!

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