Monday, April 27th to Friday, May 1st

Monday, April 27th to Friday, May 1st

Marhaba! This week we learned the bare minimum of the Arabic language… nothing like a whole week of poorly planned training and an impatient teacher! Here are a couple things we learned :

“Shlone-a-gool” _______? = “How do you say ________?”

“Shis-mak?” = “What is your name?”

“Ismee ______” = “My name is _______”

“Ogaf!” = “Stop!”

“Ogaf! Tara armee!” = “Stop or I will shoot!”

“La-ter mee!” = “Don’t shoot!”

“La-tit-Har-ik!” = Don’t move!”

“RooH” = “Go”

“IsKut” = “Be quiet”

Ana Mawlooda fee (dash)-(thomonTa’sh)-(elf-tis’a meya-sita-thamaneen) = I was born (11)-(18)-(1986)

I took some Arabic in College…but didn’t retain much… even though it was only about 6 months ago! One of my goals this deployment is to teach and re-teach myself more Arabic so when I actually get to talk with Iraqi civilians! I don’t actually know if ill get the chance to talk and interact with the ‘local populous’ because my job involves sitting on my ass on the computer in the air-conditioning… but im really hoping I can get out and get my hands dirty!

I think it is kinda bad that Im already really dislike the fact that Im going to be stuck in one stationary place doing the same old shit everyday… I hope I am wrong… but if I have to be in front of a computer (like I am now typing on my blog) I might go crazy! And of course I will be sharing my feelings about my job and the situations I have to suffer through!

Training is starting to pick up now… I don’t know how much ill be able to write… or remember! At least I made it throughout April! I’m really bad about keeping up with things… I hope I can stick with this little blogging habit till I actually get to Iraq!

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