Sara comes to visit!


Friday, May 8th

Im too tired to recall the events of today- i think it was more classroom training?

Although today- my dear sister sara came to visit me!! I guess she was up visiting some of her friends this week in New York and New Jersey! The friend in NJ didn’t live to far away from where I am being imprisoned- so they took a little trip to see me and eat dinner together!

I didn’t know what was around this hell hole when it came to food places to eat… so we chose a safe dining place and chowed down some Wendy’s and slushies from 7/11!

We also took some pictures of our sisterly bonding!


oops..not looking at this one!

oops...not looking at this one!


sara and her recruits!

sara and her recruits!


Run her over!!!

Run her over!!!








After the photo ops- I hugged my sista and headed back to the barracks!

I enjoyed seeing her! I guess the next time Ill see her is when my family is all together welcoming me back! (And they better not fight with each other… like always… :p )

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  1. Of course we will fight…. over who gets to HUG u 1st (I would totally win)


    yes we do

    no we don’t

    yes we do

    no we don’t…

    loves you!

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