Thursday, July 9th

Thursday, July 9th

7:30 wake-up on my day off! My stinkin roommate “IOWA” forced me to go to breakfast! I don’t have to go… but once I wake-up im usually STARVING! I worked on catching up on my blog and fell asleep from 8:30 to 11:30 then went to lunch!

So I pretty much spent half the day eating and hanging out all day!  At 4:00 we got our small pox shots- It didn’t hurt at all… the only thing that sucked was the actual facility! It was an unorganized mad house! The people running the show had no idea what was going on or what they were suppose to do! We got our medical records downstairs and went upstairs to take our pregnancy test (Pee test #1) before we got our shots. I wonder how morphed your baby would be if you got your shot when you were pregers!

Photo 52

After our urine test we rushed to another surprise formation and got to take a drug test! (Pee test #2) The way the army does a drug test is sooo uncomfortable! They corral everyone into one room and don’t let you leave until you get ready to pee in a cup. Once you are ready to ‘provide a sample’ you are escorted to the bathroom and someone (of the same sex) watches you pee in a cup! Then you have to walk it to this table in front of everyone and seal & sign it! Awkward!

(Not mine!)(Not Mine!!)

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  1. I remember getting my smallpox vaccination in Kuwait in ‘o3. It was actually the second one for me (got one as a baby), so they stuck me 15 times, instead of the couple of times that the first timers get…Lucky me! Hope you manage to stay cool.

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