Friday, July 10th

Waking up to get more gear is a real bummer. We got our full JSLST suit today… including an army green shower cap! (Im sure ill have pictures later when I unpack!)

After that, it was our turn to clean the bottom floor of the barracks. Oh what fun! I was the first one done getting my JSLST gear so I took out the trash that smelled like old baloney and feet, cleaned all four of the laundry rooms, and straightened out our dayroom/tv room. After pretty much doing half the work, and seeing the rest of the cleaning duties were being done, I went upstairs… little did I know 5 guys from my team were incompetent enough to mop the damn hallways without bitching that I didn’t do anything- of course I heard the one sergeant (the one I HATE!) saying he didn’t see me do anything. GOD I CANT STAND HIM! 

Lets just say I put my 2 cents in.

After that went down- I went to the Rec center to hangout away from them all!

For dinner IoWA and I ordered Pasta and salads! Thank God we shared… the meal was for 3 people! (and of course the vultures helped pick it clean!)


And… This is what we do in our spare time! 🙂


Battle Buddies!

Battle Buddies!

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  1. lol I bet you told him whats up!

    ps. i reallllly want to see the showercap!

  2. You 2 are CHARMING!

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