Saturday, July 11th

There are always some perks in being a specialist in the army… like today I was tasked out for a detail! I got to take things out of 4 storage containers, count them, and then put them back in the container! Oh what fun we had today roasting in the hot hot sun!

We did get doughnuts today during our slave labor! I have a weakness for sugar coated, jelly filled doughnuts. YUM!!

After lunch and a short little nap- IowA and I went to the batting cages to hit some 55mph softballs! I knocked em outta the park! And now I am sore, it feels like my ribs are bruised!

It was kinda nice hitting in a batting cage again- I actually kinda miss the one we use-to have at the house! We then headed to the Gym to do some hard core Pt! I ran on the treadmill then was forced to pay 2 games of volleyball with some of the guys from my unit. My team pulverized IoWA’s team. Muhahaha

We headed to dinner chow after the gym, we got it go and watched the soccer tournament that was going on! I miss playing soccer so much!

The past 3 months we were not able to play any contact sports because the first day we go here someone ‘jumped up to celebrate’ and on the way down he torn his ACL, Meniscus, and some other stuff. One guy had to ruin it for everybody! grr! (I know he didn’t intentionally do it… but now we have been sport deprived for soo long!)

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  1. the hot sun and jelly filled doughnuts does not sound like a great combo!

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