Sunday, July 12th & Monday, July 13th

It was a lazy  Sunday yesterday, IoWa and I ran to the PX in the morning and laid low for the rest of the day!

Today, (Monday, July 13th) was IoWA’s birfday! She turned an ancient 26 years old! I feel bad for her…half of her life is over now!  🙂

To celebrate we got to have two formations in the sun! Our first formation was with our company, 4 people got promoted to E-5, and 3 people got promoted to E-6! It was surprisingly short, sweet, and to the point! 

The second formation was a Yellow Ribbon Ceremony at 11am, we got there at 10am… better to be early as hell then on time! right? The whole Battalion was there- so we put bets on once again how long it would take…I lost by 15mins… guess I shouldn’t have been so optimistic!

As we are standing at attention listening to the newly promoted people recite the NCO creed, the army song, and the soldier’s creed- someone started dry heaving and attempted to pass out! I was a couple rows back and saw her start to come crashing down- it must have sucked for her… but honestly… it was kind of funny. :/ 

Later we went to lunch, then to the store to get 2 cakes; 1 chocolate and 1 yellow cake! We decided to have a co-celebration for two people on our team. (the other person’s b-day was on pass) All went well- we went to the bowling alley and ordered food and bullshit for a little bit. Everyone was a little drained from today- so we skipped bowling and headed back to rest!

IOwa and I came back and cried like little babies while watching Marley and Me! I want a puppy!!

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