Arrived safe & sandy! (Sunday, 7/19)

We arrived in Kuwait really early today! With one foot outside the plane you could already feel the temperature outside! It was the equivalent to a hairdryer on high heat blowing in your face!


Buses arrived two hours later and wisked us away to our humble abode, we were then hurded into the one bus that didn’t have air condition… I almost died. The bus was similar to a greyhound and smelled like an antique store packed full of smelly people who’ve been on a plane for 16 hours… Yuk! 

Similar to the bus we road in on... minus all the people and stuff.

Dehydrated as hell and disoriented we all got off the bus and had to get in formation to collect ID cards. Of course- My ID wasn’t where I usually put it in my wallet… so all flustered, tired, and hot I had to tell my sergeant I had NO IDEA where I put it… after looking in my carry on bag I went back to him and told him I REALLY had no idea where it was. The person in charge told me I would have to get a new ID- and my Dog tags would work for now. Of course… I didn’t have those either. 🙂 So rummaging  through my wallet.. I find my damn ID CARD. AHH!! By that time I could have just burst into tears because I was so tired and had lost something!

After that fiasco- we sat in an actual air conditioned building (a tent) and for 3 hours listened to the rules of the camp. Bla Bla …. they told us about our finances, the safety deposit program, the rules of the camp, times, things about terrorism, threats, and other fun stuff!

After the classes ended around 7am- we grabbed some DELICIOUS army chow and booked it back to bed! Everyone pretty much slept through lunch, the briefings we had at 1:00, and barely made it to dinner!

Today I found that “Kuwait feels like a huge hairdryer directly in front of your face…” and during the day… the temperature is “hot enough to melt off your skin into puddle- hot”

But… for some strange reason… I don’t think the temp will be very hard to get use to. 

Here are some other pics from today!

Iowa and I!

Iowa and I!

Group pic in Kuwait...a little blurry

Good Morning Kuwait!

Good Morning Kuwait!

A little B&W in Kuwait!

Do we get internet in here? nope.

Do we get internet in here? nope.


Lucky me.. I get to live with 40 of my closest friends....

Lucky me.. I get to live with 55 of my closest friends....


Swan Pox... I mean Small Pox update! (its still gross!)

Swan Pox... I mean Small Pox update! (its still gross!)

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  1. Sounds like the traveling took a lot out of you. I would have been miserable to – esp. after that yucky bus ride!

    Your arm looks GROSS!!!

    i can’t wait to have ur addy…..

  2. OWEEeeeeeeeeee!

    Was your arm really sore?

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