Roll over for Mondays! 7/20

Today’s wake-up was at 6am. We hurried to breakfast chow and came back to the tent to cool down from the 1/4 mile walk to chow! 

We had roll over training for the MRAP vehicle- It was actually kinda fun! The roll over training is like being on a roller coaster- but the roller coaster stops up-side-down and we have to unbuckle our seat belts and roll out! ..

After the hour long training we had to walk a mile back in the heat (I guess to ‘break us in?’) The wind and the sand was pretty bad.. but we made it back to the tent… once again to cool off!

After lunch chow we were issued our new IBAs! They are pretty cool- you can pull a tab and the whole vest falls off! Everyone got their vest in smaller sizes- I guess since they fit a little better we could go down a size… I got a x-small.. the plates are lighter, but don’t really cover the whole area of my chest.

In other events, The bathroom situation here deserves its own paragraph…

Mr. Bob Porta

I went to the porta potty and ended up coming out laughing!

The wall read; “As I sit here on the pooper- I just gave birth to a paratrooper!” 

I have actually seen some really funny bathroom humor- ill have to remember it next time! 🙂


Me + Mr. Bob Porta


Later in the day Iowa and I hunted down an internet card to use the internet in the Starbucks here on the camp! The coffee shop was packed… so I couldn’t even use the wifi! We went to the USO to wait an hour to get on the internet… just so I could get on facebook! 🙂 I am thankful that they actually have computers here… and for free- so the wait was worth it!

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  1. take your camera in there, tht way u wont have to remember ! lol just don’t drop it in!

    … I guess you’ll have to think of your own clever thing to add!

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