MRAP Driver’s training… 7/21 to 7/23

Tuesday was the first day of the dreaded MRAP training. Today consisted of tons of boring ass power point (also known as death by power point). The best part about the class was the instructor’s headsets… they kinda looked like the sham-wow guy! Thats pretty much all I got from the class… oh- and we went outside to learn how to do PMCS on the vehicles.. it was loads of fun too! 

One of the instructors asked us why we were taking the class…. some of the responses were “to learn” “to know the vehicle and its capabilities” “to be better drivers” My Response in my head was “because we are lower enlisted” I almost said it aloud too… muhaha 

But the REAL reason we were there was “to learn about the MRAP to ensure safety for yourself and everyone in the vehicle.” I guess thats not too bad of a reason for taking the class! 🙂

Wednesday began at 8:30am in the motor pool! We did a PMCS of the MRAP and went over all the ‘cool’ features it has- including how many horsepower the engine has!! (uh… like I care!) We started driving hours later- we got in the vehicle, strapped in with our body armor and helmet on, and started driving across the desert.

The MRAP sucks for these reasons:

  • The AC doesn’t work as well as they say.
  • It feels like you’re in a basketball bouncing around when you’re in the back.
  • There are no windows to open when the stinky guy next to you keeps farting.
  • The seats are uncomfortable and make your ass numb.

But of course, the MRAPs are one of the safest vehicles the army has… aside from the fact that they are top heavy and roll over. :/  (Id still choose a MRAP over anything else tho… they aren’t entirely bad) 🙂

After driving and sitting in the back of the vehicle for 8 hours (with potty breaks) we got back to the tent and found the AC to be off in the tent. What an exciting day! (It turned on a hour later)

Thursday was the toughest day to wakeup and go to training. I had to keep telling myself it was the last day just to get my butt outta bed!

We pretty much did the same thing as yesterday, except today we didn’t have any bathroom breaks—well we stopped so all the guys could go pee in the desert…but there were no amenities for the ladies.  So- I drank 1 Gatorade and 1 bottle of water from 10 to 1- just so I wouldn’t have to bare ass it in the desert!

The actual option for female bathrooms were a MRAP pulling away from the convoy and driving into the desert away from the road and parking sideways so we could pee behind the wheel so no one would see us! (but it was hot…and I didn’t want to trouble anyone! 🙂

After the driving portion of the day we went back to the classroom to have a brief and then a test on the MRAP… since the review was similar to the test… I passed with flying colors! All I got as a reward was a certificate saying I actually made it through their grueling MRAP training!

Later I came back to the tent to find… yet again… the power was off… therefore… the AC was off! It wasn’t too hot in our tent- so I racked out for an hour and woke up for dinner chow!

<I couldn’t take any pictures of the MRAP because its top secret !! >

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  1. Sounds like your vehicle guys need to look at the AC and clean it out. All of the ones we use blow out ice cold air. Seats aren’t the best but I’ll take these over the Hummers any day! Just make sure the guy in the last seat is actually wearing the restraints or he will end up getting tossed right out of that seat. I’ve had a guy break a rib back there a few months back.

    Be safe.

  2. you know what, i wouldnʻt care and would #1 and #2 even if someone was taking pix. But I am 62 and canʻt hold it. Really, arenʻt you sick (inside and out) of finding no lines to the mens room or even porta-potties, and lines to ladies . I mean whatʻs the diff. I have liberated a few menʻs rooms in my life. And if out in the woods, Iʻd try not to, but if needed, my mom taught me to pee in the woods. Just watch out for poison oak. that was in CA. Iʻm sure there is sumac or fire ants or UXO or something everywhere.

    It came in handy in Tailand where there is plumbing, but it involves squatting and then, I couldnʻt figure it out, it seems like you should pour H20 down the toilet like when American plumbing tank isnʻt working, but they just slosh it everywhere. There is a bucket of water and a ladle and you just throw water all around.

    Well, I hope you overcame your peeing needs by the time the mission got fully underway. Otherwise you will learn the joys of a UTI.

    I never thought Iʻd write something about peeing, let alone make it available for the world do see.

    Clearly it is a hot button!!!!!!!!!

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