Bullets, kneebo pads & treasure! 7/24

We woke up at the ass crack of dawn to go to the range today! Our buses came and took us to the middle of the desert to shoot our weapons! The bus ride consisted of everyone sleeping; I was smart enough to bring my IPod! (My IPod save the day almost every time I’m on the bus!)

The range was easy and fairly quick- we also got some sweet pics!








Me and iOWa


Aside from the awesome photo ops- I have found that my team always is told to bring extra shit when we don’t EVER need it. For example: Our damn knee and elbow pads. Why would we bring our kneebo pads when the range we are going to requires us to stand up and shoot? The reason is always “bring them just in case.”  You know next time I hear that- I’m automatically not going to bring them. I don’t care anymore… its stupid to force us to bring something that we don’t ever use anyway. When elbow and kneepads are recommended… I still don’t wear them because all they are is a hassle.  The one time I need kneebo pads and don’t have them I’ll probably just suffer… and I’m okay with that! 

Anyways! I know I went off on a little tangent… but I’m right. 😀

So after the range I came back and took a nap till lunch, then went to the coffee shop to get on the Internet! I got to talk to momma llama and finally get to check my email and other things!! I hopped on the Geo-caching website and found that there are 6 geo-caches here on the camp I am staying at! I dragged my battle buddies IowA and CB out to treasure hunt and this is what we found!




or here?
where is it?!

We found it!

We went out at night because its just too hot during the day- we got a lot of exercising done and found 2 of the 4 we went looking for! We plan to look for the one near our tent again tomorrow morning!

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  1. We have sunsets that are pink & gold from all the dust in the air. I LOVE them too.

    Your cache looks sadly missing some swag, lol. Did you take your travel bug to place?

  2. Too cool that you went geocaching there. I hope you get the chance to find more while your there….

    I can’t believe u have to wear all that stuff in the heat! and as for the knee pads – I think u could survive kneeing in the SAND if you had to!

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