Saturday 7/25

Today I woke-up and went to chow, Starbucks, Lunch, looked for the cache we couldn’t find last night and came back to the tent to work on catching up on my blogs! I really have been trying my best to keep them semi-updated… but I’m missing the whole month of June…and I can remember what I did! Whenever I sit in front of my computer I end up on Facebook… every time! Its addicting- I blame it for all my unfinished projects in college and in the army! I’m trying my best not to fall into the Fb trap every time I get online…  I really do plan to patch-up the holes in my blog! (and post more pics!)

After lunch we went back to the cache we couldn’t find yesterday night, we figured we might have some more luck in the daylight…. but we still couldn’t find it! The name of the cache is “Wheres the beef” and we are really starting to wonder where the damn beef is!! We searched high and low…

Army taught us how to lift people... comes in handy when looking for treasure!

not much around here..

You can see miles and miles!

Anyway- at 4:00 we had a class on IEDs and other dangerous things… this was the third time we have had this damn class… and every time it’s the exact same AND we sign a paper saying we took the class… where do all the sign-in sheets go?

We went to dinner afterward and came back to the tent to hang out! (and cool down!)

This morning after b-fast we went to Starbucks- heres a pic of water and a coke in Arabic!

Koka kola and water!

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  1. So tell me about these yellow belts?

    When we were in elementary school, we had “Safety Boys”. We (girls & boys) wore these same kind of belts to show that we were the person to escort kids across the streets near school. We’d hold out our arms and not let them pass…until it was safe to cross. Ours were not safety yellow, it was “back in the day” and that reflective stuff wasn’t thought up yet! You were definately “cool” if you were a Safety Boy. And I was. You got to walk into school late, woo-hoo, cuz you were out doing your “job”.

  2. So you still didn’t end up finding the beef? It’s what’s for dinner!

    haha… mom was a safetey BOY!

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