The last couple days pretty much consisted of chow, Starbucks, chow, and 109 degree weather (its actually been ‘cooler’ outside!)

The battles and I went out on Wednesday to find some more Geocaches;

These pics are from GC1VGVG and GC1H9J5!

geocaching kuwait 2 008

geocaching kuwait 2 010

geocaching kuwait 2 009

Silly British!

Silly British!

 geocaching kuwait 2 014

geocaching kuwait 2 016 geocaching kuwait 2 017

We are 4 for 6 now in Kuwait… we had trouble finding the other two… maybe we can find them on the way back! 

I’ve also watched a couple movies over the past couple days,

The Pursuit of Happyness= Great! Will’s son is a cutie pie!

7 Pounds= Also Great!

Sweet Home Alabama= Cute girly movie! It was good too!

Angels and Demons= I love Tom Hanks 🙂 One day i’ll read the book…

O Brother, Where Art Thou?= Not as funny as I remember… whomp whomp…


The rest of today I plan to get my eyebrows done, pack up a few things, and watch another movie! (Im trying to download ‘Robin Hood, Men in Tights’) <- I ❤ the blind guy in the movie! 🙂

We ended up leaving Kuwait at night, good thing too…

The whole time we have been living in the tent full of 50 girls, alarms have been going off like crazy. A couple of the girls will turn their alarms on for 5:30am and hit snooze 5 freakin times… so I finally said aloud I would “chuck a water bottle at the next beeoch whose alarm went off.” WELL- some little Civial Affairs tattle-tail went and told her first sergeant I threatened her! I guess her first sergeant went to one of the high ranking NCOs in the tent and told her about me threatening her- the NCO told the first sergeant that the CA girl needed to grow up! haha

I mean come on- does this CA girl not know where she’s going? She’s going to a place where more people want to hurt her!! I think having a water bottle chucked at you should be the least of your worries- if anything, she should be pegged with one for tattling like a little NARK!

Leaving Kuwait kinda sucked, we had to load all of our shit into a truck… then once we got to where ever we went to wait for a plane we had to unload all of it! I hate lifting heavy things! 🙂

We ended up grabbing som McDonald’s and staying the night there! I will post pics on Saturday (Tom!)

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  1. so cool!!!!!!

  2. The Angels book is REALLY THICK! It’d have to be really good…was it?

    My “age” is 31 btw, thanks for asking. 8^)

  3. Bloghopped from your sister Erika Jean’s blog! Interesting geocaching in Iraq!

    I have a friend who does geocaching all over the world (since she works in a cruise ship that travels around the world). I am always interested in her stories. http://travelsofstacey.blogspot.com

    Anyway, wish you all the best in Iraq and hope the days will be fast so you’ll be back with your family and friends in no time! I live in “nearby” Dubai, UAE by the way. 🙂

  4. You can tell that CA girl that i’ll come over there and chuck a water bottle at her too!

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