Getting settled in! 8/2-8/5

We started this week off getting to know the area we’d be ‘stuck’ at for the next year! Man- this place is huge! We took a bus around and saw a lot of nothing mixed in with some trees and wrecked buildings! Someone told me they must have been left over from mortar attacks in the Gulf or the Iran/Iraq war! I guess its not worth fixing… at least it adds to the scenery of this place! There are also a lot of remnants of Saddam Hussein’s reign, like this picture below:

u think it still works?

And what would be a military post with out some old rickety gun from the 60’s!?

We found these gun thingys on the way to the laundry drop off place.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

And heres what the rest of this place looks like!


gates to where?



The rest of the week consisted of early workouts at the gym, eating b-fast, going to work, ‘job shadowing,’ eating lunch, more ‘job shadowing,’ and dinner chow! I guess it will be super easy to get into a rhythm- the only thing that really changed this week were the movies I watched! I watched Robin Hood (Men in tights), Disney’s Tarzan movie (yes- the one with Phil Collins soundtrack, of which I own), and a couple South Park episodes! I know- my movie selections are completely random- but for the most part they are pretty good movies!

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  1. cool! Try resizing the pictures before you upload. If you need directions let me know!

  2. Now wait. How DARE you use “Rickety” and “60’s” in the same sentence!!!

    Llamas love peaches.

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