Thursday! 8/6

Today we were able to run the ‘show’ in the office today! They call it ‘left seat’ training (I have to think about that phrase sometimes… I guess they are talking about American cars with the driver’s seat on the left) 🙂 Anyway… iOWa and I did a tae bo class this morning… yea… it takes hand and foot coordination… which I don’t have! I felt like the whitest girl in the whole gym!

We had to do a lot of hopping. I have to walk on my tippy toes-my calves hurt so much.

We did some squats. I can’t go to the bathroom without feeling every muscle in my thighs.

We did some ab workout. I can hardly laugh.

We did some upper body push ups. I cant lift my arms above my shoulders.

Its not really that bad- I just went on a tangent 🙂 Overall it was pretty good! It worked a lot of muscle groups… but I don’t really know if I really like the guy up there  yelling at us to “push it” “one more time” and “you can do it”! LOL- most of the time I was laughing because I couldn’t keep the rhythm- and the rest of the time the instructor was saying some the strangest things and dancing to Michael Jackson! 

Auh anyway- At the office we did some work… I mostly cleaned the layer of dust that was on EVERYTHING in the office! I tried my best to ‘redecorate,’ but a air condition vent killed the room’s Feng shui! (& yea- I had to do oober research on how to spell ‘Funshway’)

After we got outta work we hit up dinner chow… then I (like always) got in front of my computer to upload yesterday’s pictures for my blog and do today’s blog all while watching the Green Mile with my man Tom Hanks! (I cried like a baby throughout the WHOLE movie!)

I also got around to taking some pics of my humble abode!


my home!

my home!

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  1. Nice Room!!! lol on the Feng shui, I would have had to look that up too! As for Tae Bo, maybe you will get used to it? you could look at it as a lesson in rhythm haha. I probably couldn’t do it either.
    haven’t see you on in a while… let me know when u get ur BOX!

  2. oh i’m sending a box too! it’ll make your room so fun! lisa, i bought you so fun fun shit! weeeeeee

  3. Um…my box? Yeah, it’s getting packed, lol.


    (cuz I’m the best *ahem*, *cough*, spatter, sput!)

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