Finally… the weekend?

So much for the weekend! We worked our usual hours on Sat and today we had to come in for the morning! ugh! I hope this isn’t like the real world! 

Im pretty sure in the ‘real world’ I wouldn’t have been as excited as I was when I got  a package today! My sister sent me a box:


It had a lot of goodies in it! Some stationary, cds, magnetic organizers, pop-rocks, a flip camera/video thing!, a camera case, a squishy baseball, and some pink flip-flops! I cant wait till my tri-pod I ordered from Best Buy gets here and I can set-up something cool to video! And then put it on one of the blank cds  my sis sent!

Also included in my package was a wooden swan- It took only 10 mins for me to set-up… 


ew. We need to vacuum!

So- I also took some pictures of my front yard and side yard!


down the street

down the street


More to write later! Im trying to get all these blogs written so I can print them out and send them to my Pops!



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  1. YEY!!!! so glad you got it! The Swan is from mom 😀

  2. you could totally stop motion the swan! lol. Wish you would have told me u wanted a tripod. I have a little one here that is of no use for me and my big camera anymore. I’ve used it like twice. :-/ if you buy iMovie 09, you can speed up and reverse video! It’s so fun…

  3. i’m sending you a box monday!! And there’s a Bruggers bagel in there for you!! I bought a ziploc vacuum sealer and put it in 2 more baggies so hopefully you’ll get it and can eat it! yummy!!!

  4. send text with address ASAP!

  5. You had 3 boxes sent Monday, lol. Yeah, we’re just like that. We take care our our girl.

    Please do NOT cut deeply into the tape when you open my box. It’s absolutely stuffed with your sheets & mattress pad.


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