Snap shots of Iraq <3

I went to the monthly Baazar today with IowA… it was similar to every other touristy spot in the US… same things, different vendors! They sell a lot of bootleg cds there for $3 bucks! Iowa got Funny People, Hangover, and I love you man for like $7 bucks! (We are becoming very good hagglers!)

We also took a ride on the shuttle bus today and got alotta pics!

I know… there is actually trees here!


A forest?

A forest?


Need some fuel? Its free here!

Need some fuel? Its free here!


Volleyball anyone?

Volleyball anyone?




While I was loading all these pictures today- someone knocked on our door to tell us we had PACKAGES at the office! So of course we jumped up and headed to get our goodies we have been waiting for! (The mail hasn’t been delivered in 3 days… so mail has been on our minds!)

IowA got her Oakley Boots and a package from my sista! and I got the package my Mamma Llama sent me on Monday! (BTW- Happy birfday!) She made this for me: xoxo love you mama




 Ill download the other pic tom!

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  1. Whoa! it’s like a jungle out there!

    PS I heard Funny People sucked :-/

  2. Still blows me away that the box was just sent Monday, and it’s on your bed already!!!

    I’m gonna keep trying to get the pillowcase the right size!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Peach.


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