Huh? What? Wait… what?

Really long story short. I wasn’t paying enough attention to someone when they were talking to me to catch if thier comment was a joke or not… after the conversation I realized the extent of what was said… and if it was a joke… I took it seriously. 🙂

Its nothing gross or inappropriate (we save those convos for chow time), just something that had/has the potential to make me look bad  in front of my peers/coworkers. I have a clean consciences and know I didn’t do what was said to me- so it must have been a joke right? 

I guess I should pay more attention when people talk to me! 🙂 

My thoughts on this little hiccup today-> Anyone can figure out something if they know where all the puzzle pieces go and what the picture looks like.

On a new completely different subject- I HATE MY CHU NEIGHBORS! I am about to go to bed… quite hours began at 10:30… its 11:15 and their TV’s sound is blasting through my train of thought. I’ve told them 3 times to ‘please consider your neighbors’ and not so nicely ‘shut the *uck up’ and ‘could you shut your door any harder?’ oh- and my favorite, ‘you deaf ass hobbit looking *itch- turn your tv down’ 😀

Yea- so im gonna go to sleep in my super cool hot pink sheets with my hot pink Ipod in to block their rudeness! (I hope tomorrow isn’t so confusing… maybe ill get to burn cds all day! yippeee)

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  1. hmmmmm I wonder what the heck ur talking about!!!!

  2. This blog definately needs footnotes!

  3. Ooo, I hope I don’t know the jokester.

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