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Tonight’s post was influenced by today’s events!

I first off- want to say…. I am always right and I get ‘talked to’ for no darn good reason! And I get in trouble for the dumbest things. 😉

This is what I got in trouble for:

convo fb

I know…I know… you are tilting your head wondering how in the hell little ole me could get in trouble for this? Especially because it doesn’t state anything specific and seems like it was said all in good fun. (and it most certainly was)

Okay- maybe I shouldn’t have said it… but should people overreact when they KNOW its a joke? The thing about this whole ‘hiccup’ is everyday there are jokes and fooling around about things that go around here- and the jokes are shared with everyone at the lunch table and office, so it shouldn’t be such an issue right?

Not so much… The other thing I was ‘counseled for’ (on top of that comment) wasn’t even what I actually said! GR. I signed the counseling statement anyway… and didn’t refute it… because a little part (microscopic part) of me feels bad about the time the person put into writing the form.

[For the RECORD- I know there are reasons behind every counseling statement given to me… but is it that crucial to write the counseling down for it to be effective?] 

This whole incident got me thinking about the other silly counseling statements I’ve gotten… over the past months:


I’ll have to fix the photo problem later- but the yellow says, “After pm chow, all soldiers were directed to the bleechers without their gear. SPC ME gathered her gear and was individually instructed to leave here gear as it layed. She continued to gather her gear and made a facial gesture indicating her displeasure of the instructions.”


The bottom part says, ” Maintaing a positive attitude during our deployment will be vital to a successful deployment.”  and “Any gains that are made by your efforts may be tainted by PERCEIVED negative actions and attitudes.”

I seriously was getting my helmet because I didn’t want to just leave it were it was…(army people like to steal) and for the “facial expression” -it was hot as balls outside and our CPT had the ‘good idea fairy shoved up his ass’ 😀 hehe 

This was my ‘Plan of Action’:



A couple weeks after that statement, I got this one ->


It actually says, “you should continue your doodling” and highlighted it says, “Work on how you handle frustrating moments and attempt a more constructive way to vent.” 

So… I blog. (but… writing what I think obviously is being more destructive then constructive!) (honestly… if I wasn’t surrounded by annoying fuck tards-Im sure things would be MUCH different!)

And then people I work with read it and like to bring it up at work… don’t they have anything better to do with their time?

After realizing I could make my VERY OWN list of things you could get in trouble for- I remembered this website! Its so funny- especially because there is alot of ‘up-to-no-good’ things that he writes about, and there is a lot of things that being in the Army I can relate to! 

Here are some of my favs!

87. If the thought of something makes me giggle for longer than 15 seconds, I am to assume that I am not allowed to do it.

88. Must not refer to 1st Sgt as “Mom”.

89. Must not refer to the Commander as “Dad”.

102. Rodents are not entitled to burial with full military honors, even if they are “casualties of war”.

There are a lot of other ones that are my favorite- but I’ll let you check em out!

Im off to bed! (If only my neighbors would stop yelling at each other!) Hope Tomorrow is better! (I didn’t plan for this blog to be a total bitch session about how dumb the the Army is sometimes!)

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  1. You would think people have better things to do with there time. Seriously- you are in a foreign country at war. Who cares about a Facebook status stating the obvious? What ever happened to free speech. It’s not like you hurt someone. My goodness. It’s like you are living in sorority house (X10).

    Here’s my honest opinion. Make your blog private and B!tc# about these petty people all you want (of course let me and mom read it – and TRUSTED friends)

  2. Let them do their job…just think extra hard about not being their target!

    Love you, love your show.

  3. Oh, came over here from your Mum to see the pink sheets and have read back through your blog and I am SO going to like you as much as your MUM!! Even with no quilting!
    ADORED the smallpox update, only slightly better than getting it one would imagine! Cheers, and don’t roll your eyes at anyone today..chuckle! Tracey @ ozcountryquiltingmum. blogger

  4. Hilarious list. I was in the Navy, so they translate to squidlish too. Funny!

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