First 5k!

We were forced to run a 5k race today- as a form of ‘team bonding.’ 

Its kind of funny how things always seem to work themselves out… on Tuesday I ran my regular 2 miles today, took a shower and went to chow- on the way to work I told Iowa that “I’d like to do that 5K race- it sounds like it wouldn’t be that bad and it would be cool to do.” I also said, “But I am not crazy and would rather workout on the elipical then run some silly race.”

Well… we got to work and less then 30 minutes into the day my ‘boss’ gets a stroke of genius and randomly tells us we all have to run in the 5K race. (That we definitely did not tell him about!) At least we got a 24 hour notice- rright? 

I know I shouldn’t have been as butt-hurt when he told us about the run… but for some reason, Id rather have a choice in a the matter! When bosses make ‘mandatory fun runs’ the fun gets sucked out of it and I never want to do them…

Although- if he hadn’t MADE me do it- I wouldn’t have done it. 😀 (I HATE when things happen like that and they end up “right!” )

SOOOoo0- I got up today-all grumpy and crumpy- got on my stylin’ pt drab and dragged my butt out the door to do the dumb race.

We signed in- I got my number ->

I put on my totally cool sunglasses!

I would recommend these x 1000->> 

oakley-thump-pro(These are especially great if you are in the Army and cant run with an Ipod on because of stupid rules! You can always claim you are just wearing sunglasses with little arms on them that protect your ears from aliens. 😀 )

I even stocked-up my super cool sunglasses (with built in alien protection arms) with some ultimate jams!


I found a lot of good running music on women’s health!


So- anyways- I start runnin’ and runnin’ and passin’ the K markas, and followin’ the course around a bend and back again- I was actually keeping a fairly good pace, my 2 mile pace (9 mins). After the 20 mins I was use-to running in the hot sun I got my second wind as my knees began to ache  and fresh pains shot up my back! (Yippee!) Of course I kept up with my pace and finished strong! (I think I have been scared for life from the 3 weeks I was in Airborne school and was never able to walk anywhere! :/ )

Drum Rollll…… My goal was to finish the 3.1 miles under 30 minutes.. and I finished  in —–>>>DSCN4637


And Ya know what the BEST part was?!?

DSCN4621I love free crap! 

I find it funny that it was a ‘women’s equality fun run’ and they only ordered XL and XXL shirt sizes… and it was also sponsored by Dodge Ram Trucks 🙂 Maybe this time next year we can get some semi-feminine shirts and sponsors! 🙂

Either way- I was able to grab a cold gatorade (also free!) and head back to my ‘house’ with no injuries, scrapes, or bruises!

O- and I got to run my first 5K 😀


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  1. yey! Congrats!!!! That is a lot of running (That I never could, or would want to do). yey for your cool sunglasses!

  2. I have NO idea how far a 5K run is. Is that bad, or what?

  3. Great blog! If you’d like to connect with other women about health, especially since you’re on the front lines, we’d love to hear from you. Kelley

  4. After just seeing your weather report blog, I can only hope this was run at midnight!

  5. […] last 5K I did (My 1st ‘race’) I ran the 5K in 28.49 and 33 seconds. Today I was going to try to beat that time and I was […]

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