We played softball today…. We weren’t horrible… but the other team was… um… amazing. It ended up being fun- because our team stopped actually trying and had fun with it. 

The first inning the pro-team ‘thunder’ spanked us and scored 20 runs… 5 more, the game would have been called! Thankfully after the other team went around their batting order a second time- and we got a third out!

Our time to bat was also a train wreck in the making… but in the end we scored 5 runs and were able to hold off the ‘run rule’ for the 3 that we played!

Final score: 31 to 5

Id like to blame these certain factors on our loss:

It was night.

The field was full rocks that deflected the grounders.

The back fence was too deep.

We didn’t have our own gloves.

The other team was too good.

We were outta practice.

and…. we suck. 🙂

Heres some pictures too!





The team

The team

I dunno what the gremlin is doing in the front row… but don’t we look like we’d kick ass!?

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  1. Sucks that you lost…. but alteast you had fun!

  2. Do you still have your glove? Are you arranging to have it mailed? lol It looks like you had fun!

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