Run 4 Rabies

Today I ran for RABIES!! I know- you are asking yourself, “why the heck did she run another 5K?” Lemme tell you… Im a sucker for free crap… and when free shirts are involved… I’ll do anything.




The last 5K I did (My 1st ‘race’) I ran the 5K in 28.49 and 33 seconds. Today I was going to try to beat that time and I was shooting for something in the 27 min range… I ended up coming SUPER close to what I did in the first 5K!


2 seconds slower!? puh!

Slower!? puh!

I felt like I ran a lot faster today then I ran in my first race…. but maybe because in the 1st race I had more friendly competition and kept up with their pace… but I dunno.

So, although I didn’t beat my goal- I did end up beating the chaplain! 🙂 Whooa Hoooa! (I think he was helping one of his soldiers pace… but still… its kinda funny to say)

Any way- iOWa and I decided we would run for RABIES so we can say we did… and for the free shirt 🙂 The whole concept is kinda humorous… now that I’ve ran for Women’s Equality and Rabies Awareness- I think I’m one step closer to conquering the world.


Hopefully my case of the Rabies wont stop me from taking over the WORLD!

Hopefully my case of the Rabies wont stop me from taking over the WORLD!

 I know… I know… Im soo cute in this picture!


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  1. you have rabies and I’m aware!!! balhh ahhh runnnnn!
    cool shirt.

  2. You crack me up Peach!

  3. Found your blog through the IBOL blog. WTG on your race! I love doing 5k races. Unless I’m reading your watch wrong, you weren’t two seconds slower, you were only .02 (two one-hundredths) of a second slower. Great job!

  4. haha awesome! So are me and erika gonna go anywhere cool with you or are you leaving us in the dust?

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