Masks & Mischief!


The past couple days I’ve been conjuring up ideas for a Halloween 5K ‘Fun Run.’ Honestly…. I am super excited about organizing it! (we just need to ask permission first!) I have everything figured out:

-5K Fun Run/Walk in Costumes

-Night of the 31st of October

-The first 31st Goblin runners will get a prize

-There will be a costume contest

-Along the 5K route there will be bags with chem lights in them lighting the way

-Spooky sounds will be playing along the route

-Shirts and candy will be supplied

Im uber excited!! How fun would it be to run at night in a costume? I know- you are thinking “the costume part might be a little hard” but trust me… these army people really know how to make due with what they have- and can make anything into anything! 

I cant settle on what I wanna be… maybe a Pumpkin or a smurf… but Iowa said she definitely wants to be and umpa lumpa! 🙂 

I guess I have some time to figure it out… especially because we haven’t even asked! (Im waiting to ask after the big 10K and 10 miler races are over this weekend. I don’t want to overwhelm the event peoples.)

Funny thing about this whole crazy idea is… my mother sent iOwa and I masks before the ‘5K idea’ was ever thought of! weird huh? Its like my mother knows what im thinking… Ahhh! Thanks MoMMa!


Iowa looks scary... and I look like an old man!

Iowa looks scary... and I look like an old man!

YIKES!- she looks like this ALL THE TIME!

YIKES!- She looks like this ALL THE TIME!


This mask is a creepy one... it even scares me!!

This mask is a creepy one... it even scares me!!

Other then the halloween masks- I got some scrumptious  carmel brownies from my Ma- Thank you!! Im eating one rrrright now! Yum! They are to die for!! They are ooey gooey scrumdiddlyumptious!!!

Oh yea- the other part of this blog- “Mischief”

This week started off the Mischief around the office.

The sequence of events (Not done by me);

1. Re-arrange “L.T.’s” desk

2. Put large box over “L.T.’s” chair and pretend to send it to Baghadad

3. Suspend “L.T.’s” bike and chair 10 feet off the ground in the foyer

4. Tie a rope around a poll and to the Commander’s bike 

5. Tie Iowa’s and My bike together

6. Put pretend plastic bugs in Our Officer’s office (I did this one- thanks for the bugs Sara!)

7. Lock main prankster’s bike to his door so he can’t get in

8. Rearrange all of our office’s desk drawers (someone switched them around)

…. So…. you can see a lot has been going on… and some more ‘pranks’ are being carefully planned… Good thing I locked up all my crap tonight! 


Pics of pranks later…

Can anyone give me a good name for our 5K halloween run?!

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  1. How about the “Night of Fright 5k”, or the “Frightening(sp?) 5k”, “The Spooky Saturday Run”

  2. Run Mummy, RUN!

    Glad you liked your stuff!


  3. ok tomorrow i will have my phone on me and charged…

  4. Thank you for the interesting read! Alright playtime is over and back to school work.

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