Projects to keep us busy!

This past week has been full of little projects myself and my battle buddy have weaseled our way into to keep us busy!

Monday I wondered around base- I actually got up to run on my day off! It wasn’t the most successful run… I ran for about 20 mins down the road and turned around and walked back! My excuse: It started to rain, my big toe muscle hurt, and it was my day off! Maybe once my new shoes come-in my feet wont hurt anymore (and I will be totally stylish)


I know- Cool as hell! and only $105 Bucks! Hopefully my pops will send them RIGHT AWAY! I want them NOW! How stupid is it that Nike doesn’t send special ordered shoes overseas! Come on! Aren’t they made in China!?!

But the shoes are not the only things I have bought… On my day off I ordered some textbooks for classes, some stuff from Under Armour, and some Oakley prescription sunglasses…. because I can! (At least Im not as bad as IowA when it comes to on-line shopping! 😉 )

I went to the ‘good’ DFAC for lunch… I had a grilled sandwich and some orange jello! After getting some grub I went to the “DVD” shop… which pretty much consists of boot-leg remakes of every popular movie out there… I was about to buy a box of Greys Anatomy seasons 1-5, good thing I checked the back! It had a description on the back about some murder mystery mumbo jumbo…  not Greys! 

Tuesday IoWa and I picked up some Iraqi Bundles of Love!  Here are some pics we took! There will be much more when we distribute them to the Iraqi women around the Iraqi women around the Base!


Me carrying some Boxes!



All Loaded Up!




Yup. Thats my boss.





Temporary Housing!


After two days of downloading pics- I think I am all the way done putting my favorite ones up! There are some more here if you want to see the rest!

In a couple weeks all 225 boxes will disappear from our conex- And be handed over to a  Provincial Reconstruction Team  and local Iraqi women’s shelters!

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  1. cool! did you see MY IBOL box??? lol

  2. So happy to read your blog! I was needin’ a peach.

    OMG, I LOVE your shoes!!!

    Glad you got to work on the IBOL and got to play with the kids, was prolly fun work.

  3. And did I hear that you got to drive that big ol’ truck? Love the shoes — and I can think of nothing better to use one’s hazard pay on.

  4. shoes rock!

    can i have your old Oakley’s? I still haven’t gotten a new pair after Falcor ate mine 😦

  5. As one of the many hundreds of people who sent bundles, I want to thank you for distributing them.

    Hope you get those great shoes soon!

  6. Awesome shoes! And you need to know I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes from seeing the Army flatbed loaded with Bundles of Love. THAT’s a picture. Thanks for all the pix and for doing the hard work for the rest of us!

  7. Iʻm so heartened and humbled to find your blog (thanks to IBOL). Thereʻs a whole lot of love in your blog. Sort of a “How to Make Fun When Youʻre Deployed to Iraq” – which in your case means helping others. Notice I didnʻt say “Have Fun” – you know how to MAKE fun and that is way better. Aloha!

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