Yesterday I got a package from my ma! She put 2 of everything in there! One for me and one for Iowa (but shes not here so I gave her goodies to the vultures that were standing behind me asking if they could have anything 🙂 ) So with the green spider web I covered my boss’s bike to pay him back for knocking on my wall at 5am this morning.  Thanks 🙂


Lately we all have been doing pranks!

Ta da!

Putting someone’s desk, chair and phone on top of a conex was pretty funny… but then I had to help take it down… which was not so funny. (I had nothing to do with it… I was just taking pictures!)

Earlier this week someone found a box thrown away in our main dumpster. The empty box had…. something I would rather not mention…. on it- it was gross.

Anyway- it found its way back inside and wrapped with tissue paper and into the office of one of my bosses! (Theres No way I had anything to do with this one!) Anyway, it went from my boss to the guy who had his desk put up on the conex to our ‘Big Boss’ and…. he didn’t like it too much. LoL.

So pretty much tying everyone’s bikes together, hanging helmets from the rafters, putting posters all over someone’s office to putting boulders in front of someone’s chu door- we are really keeping each other busy!

I sure hope I don’t get a payback tonight! Yikes!

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