Busy as a Beee

I’ve been pretty busy the past couple weeks! And now its CRUNCH time! I leave for New Zealand in 3 days!! I really am a hardcore procrastinator… but I think this time I waited too long to start what actually needs to be done…. My list is pretty long… and this doesn’t even include all the crap I have to do at work!

AHH So much to DO

It hasn’t helped that I bought the current season of Grey’s Anatomy, Biggest Loser, The Amazing Race, and House! Although each episode takes 2 full days to download- I still manage to slowly keep up with them by watching the partially downloaded episodes! I think these shows have become an addiction!

showsPlease, Download faster.

Right now I am between an episode in all four shows… and you wonder why I haven’t posted in a while!


Izzys Back! Mer too! I have to know whats up with the cardio god- I just gotta know!


OMG! Tracy is SO cut throat! GO HOME Tracy! You’re MEAN!


Yuk- I hate the married team lawyer dude and his wife! and Im super disappointed the old dating couple was kicked off… boo.

I at least got one thing checked off my list… me and moosea painted my finger and toe nails!

(Ma got me some super cool french tip manicure polish pen thingy- I ❤ it!)


While painting my nails I had to steal some cotton balls from my roomie! Thanks! I also did an Arts and Crafts!


Yes, He is wearing a Cheese Wiz Top Hat.

Oo-oo- The weather has been perfect around here lately- it actually made me miss the smell of fall and cut grass- So today I came across some of the GREENEST grass I’ve seen around here and someone was burning paper- which smelled like a bonfire! Of course I smelled the grass and brought it home. 🙂


Well, it took me all night to download these pics… and now its time for some more TV!

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  1. I love that out of allll those things you painted your nails! haha. Have FUNNNNN on your trip.

  2. …or maybe you just need a bigger wipe-off board!

    Love you babe!

    (Call me at work b4 you leave!)

  3. I’m going to miss you!! And I can’t wait to meet my new fluffy friend! 😛 THANKS!

  4. Do not call me for bail money.

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