Day 1- Up the Gondola!

I started the day off flying from Christchurch to Queenstown- we walked right up and into the plane… it was a little awkward to do. I decided to travel to Queenstown because EVERYONE has been saying its fun and where everyone always go when they visit the South Island, even my travel book said it ‘was the place to be!’ After an hour ride we landed- I caught a little shuttle for $6 to town, booked a hostel, and set out to explore!

This place is AMAZING.

I spent about 20 mins here trying to figure out the timer on my camera!

I also fell off the back of the tree once or twice… I got a big ole bruise on my knee!

The building up on the mountain is the top of the Gondala,

the big tree line is obviously the ‘Gondala’ part of it. 🙂

This pic must have been snapped BEFORE I ate NZ gross attempt at a hotdog/corndog!

“O this place looks cute- Ill get some food here!”

“O a hot dog sounds GOOD! I’ll have that.”

“O. Its a mushed up, pale piece of meat dipped in chunky pancake batter, drenched in Ketchup”

At least I got a Fanta!- Ill go feed the fishies!

You put money in a feeder and it drops into the water!


First thing done! Check it off my list! Now it was time for the GONDOLA!

The Ride up!

The veiw!

At the top of the Gondola- off to the LUGE!

One more Gondola to get to the top of the Luge.

Once again- The view!

Rules First.

Thanks for the Warning! Yikes!


Luge- The Movie! I shot this using my camera while holding and trying to control the cart!

I look like a loser- but checkout my sweet helmet!

Out of everything I wanted to vacation- Laying in the grass was at the top of my list!

Second on my list- Be lazy. Lucky Me!

O-this is nothing..

Okay- Tomorrow’s pics will be a little crazier! I booked 3 bungy jumps!

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  1. What, no video from the luge? You’re going to need to go back again and get video! (

  2. Amazing! Glad you had a list for your vacation objectives, make sure you cross ’em all off!

  3. Oh my GOSH! It DOES look amazing! I love your pictures!!!!! The one of the birds on the wall is great – and the one of your knees!! This place is def. on my list of places to go. Soooo jealous!

  4. Great photos!! I completely agree with you that hotdogs are yuck – and I live here. Queenstown is a really beautiful area of the country.
    I read your sister’s blog (I’m another geocacher)so that’s how I got to your blog.


  5. Hi coming to you from your sister blog! Love your pictures and a well deserved vacay! Can’t wait to see more.

  6. H ahahaha!!! It’s very funny trip!!!:))))
    Good luck in your next traveling!!!

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