Babysitting trip to the Green Zone!

This week I was voluntold out to take one of my peers to the Green Zone (now called the International Zone) to get their passport! I was actually excited to go to Baghdad to go a little sight seeing and get out the office- but had I known I would have to practically figure out everything myself (for someone else)- I might have chosen to stay home! You would think someone who needed their passport to go on R&R would have been gone-ho about this- and would participate in trying to find out where and when they needed to be to get the passport… but this guy wasn’t!

So- long story short, my ‘peer’ didn’t say one word to me (for 3 days) as I ran around to find out how to get to the embassy, get his passport, find a place to stay, and get transportation! When our little ‘trip’ was over- I asked him why he was so short and he said, “Our SGT said you were in-charge and I had to do everything you said. I really just don’t like being told I have to be babysat, especially by someone the same rank.” I, of course, laughed…I mean really? I guess someone’s feelings got hurt because they realized no one thinks they can do things by themselves!

Anyway! I definitely made the best of my little trip and snapped some pictures! 🙂

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  1. well he should have pulled the stick out of his but and said thanks. If he’s gonna act like a stubborn kid, he’s going to continue to get treated like one :-/

    Pics are cool though!!

  2. Love to see your interest in patterns and colors. Can you read much of that handwritting?

    BUT seriously!! Those scorpion keychains? You could capture one of those anywhere around my house! I HATE them!

  3. Stay safe! How much longer do you have?

  4. great pictures! loved seeing good pics of you in uniform! get more more more! you want me to break this guys legs? he’s an asshole and i hope he reads this.. yeah boy, your gonna get beat and told what to do by GIRLS! Eat shit little man!

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