Hold on NZ- Its Christmas time!

I decorated today! Its a little late to get the decorations up… but they are FABULOUS!

I put white lights up first… but didn’t plug them into a converter…. so they burnt out 🙂

At least the colored lights turned out pretty nice!

I also decorated the door to my CHU… I think the bullet hole stickers are a nice touch!

I wasn’t the only one around my living area to decorate!

This CHU was totally decked out!

And someone made this sweet Reindeer!


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Day 11- McCrackin’s Rest!

Today I am coming home from BEAUTIFUL Stewart Island and heading up to Te Anau!

This dude sands down clam shells and makes jewelry!

We also stopped to play with the puppies!

I want….. this ONE!

I am getting so lazy and behind on posting pictures of NZ…. so heres some little pics to click on!

o yea! The other ‘part’ of the chain that holds little Stewart Island is in this hodge podge of pics too! 🙂

NZ-Day 7

Today we stopped and had a tour of the Speight’s Brewery Tour in Dunedin. It was actually kinda cool and had alotta history behind the building and the actual beer making, plus… We got unlimited samples of the beer! 😉

I think I’d be able to take a keg off your hands if your offering! 🙂

They make beer in there.

Beer making is cool- but look at these cute little tiles!

They make beer in these thingies too…

Beers not too bad!  

Outside the Brewery theres a water spicket of natural spring water- its sooo good!

After the tour and many many samples- I stumbled across the ACTUAL Hogwartz HQ!

I actually think it was the backside of a Backpacker’s hostel… but you never know!

After discovering the hidden whereabouts of Hogwartz HQ-

I wondered around and took some pics of the cool churches around the city!

Wild Cow Lilies? AWESOME!

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NZ- Day 6

Yesterday I decided I needed to get out of Queenstown and explore the rest of NZ in the little amount of time I had- Thankfully NZ has these little travel-planning spots called i-SITES! I went in the shop, told them I wanted to go somewhere else… and they recommended the ‘Bottom Bus‘ small group tour!

The first leg today was from Queenstown to Dunedin- We got there fairly late in the day, had a small tour of the city, and went to the “world’s steepest street!”

“The slope of Baldwin Street is approximately 1:2.86 (19° or 35%) – that is, for every 2.86 metres travelled horizontally, the elevation rises by 1 metre.”

People run up this thing… ugh!

One last look!

“In November 2009, three men were charged with disorderly behaviour and dangerous driving after taking rides in a chilly bin (a cooler) being towed behind a car down Baldwin St. One of them said it was because the bars had shut and they had nothing to do.”

I love this country!

O! Heres a couple other randoms:

Teletubbie ice cream!

The University kids like to tip over cars and burn couches….

I told our driver/tour guide he had a ‘Jew fro’…. but he didn’t get it… lol

A professional pic is below of the same place- see the mountain in the background?

I stole this pic from a website- but its really this beautiful!

I also went to see a movie in Dunedin at the Regent Theatre… I saw the “Invention of Lying” – It was so-so…

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Day 5- Canyoning!

Canyoning (known as canyoneering in the U.S.) is traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, and/or swimming.

I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into on this one… Today I went Canyoning… in the freezing cold water that flowed through jagged rocks…down a huge ass mountain. I even got to hop into potentially paralyzing pools of ice water! Yesss. Other then the temperature of the water- Canyoning was exciting and pretty sweeeet…I only feared for my life about 75% of the day… 😀

The Weather was kinda icky-rainy today- but we were already gonna get soaking wet so it was the perfect day to go!

A group of us headed out to the canyoning site around 10am, got there at about 11:30 and suited up for all the craziness! (The company’s website) -I did the “Routeburn – Glenorchy High adrenalin half day trip in spectacular surroundings” route.

“Canyoning can be dangerous. Escape out the sides of a canyon is often impossible, and completion of the descent is the only possibility. Due to the remoteness and inaccessibility of many canyons, rescue can be impossible for several hours or several days.”

O… that must have been in the fine print…

Anyway- we put on two layers of wetsuit, picked up some helmets, and hiked for about 45 mins up the Steep Mountain Rainforest! It wasn’t bad- it was just a little hard to maneuver and walk with a full body wetsuit on! 🙂

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Day 4- The Hangover Gardens!

So- Today I woke up with a rough hangover… stayed in bed till noon and then caught lunch with my German and Australian roommates! (Can you believe the German was hungover!? Def thought they couldn’t get hangovers!) By 1:00pm my voice was completely gone- I think it was a combination of being sick from the H1N1 shot I received before I left and the sour alcohol I consumed in large amount .

With no voice I headed up to the Gardens along the coast- I wanted to check ’em out and do some Geocaching! Although, I ended up falling asleep on the grass (that has happened a lot this vaca!) and not finding the Geocache I looked endlessly for!

At least I got some pics!

Brrr… this time of the year the Arctic winds kick up!

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Day 1- Up the Gondola!

I started the day off flying from Christchurch to Queenstown- we walked right up and into the plane… it was a little awkward to do. I decided to travel to Queenstown because EVERYONE has been saying its fun and where everyone always go when they visit the South Island, even my travel book said it ‘was the place to be!’ After an hour ride we landed- I caught a little shuttle for $6 to town, booked a hostel, and set out to explore!

This place is AMAZING.

I spent about 20 mins here trying to figure out the timer on my camera!

I also fell off the back of the tree once or twice… I got a big ole bruise on my knee!

The building up on the mountain is the top of the Gondala,

the big tree line is obviously the ‘Gondala’ part of it. 🙂

This pic must have been snapped BEFORE I ate NZ gross attempt at a hotdog/corndog!

“O this place looks cute- Ill get some food here!”

“O a hot dog sounds GOOD! I’ll have that.”

“O. Its a mushed up, pale piece of meat dipped in chunky pancake batter, drenched in Ketchup”

At least I got a Fanta!- Ill go feed the fishies!

You put money in a feeder and it drops into the water!


First thing done! Check it off my list! Now it was time for the GONDOLA!

The Ride up!

The veiw!

At the top of the Gondola- off to the LUGE!

One more Gondola to get to the top of the Luge.

Once again- The view!

Rules First.

Thanks for the Warning! Yikes!


Luge- The Movie! I shot this using my camera while holding and trying to control the cart!

I look like a loser- but checkout my sweet helmet!

Out of everything I wanted to vacation- Laying in the grass was at the top of my list!

Second on my list- Be lazy. Lucky Me!

O-this is nothing..

Okay- Tomorrow’s pics will be a little crazier! I booked 3 bungy jumps!

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From Kuwait to Dubai, then off to bangkok… stopping in Sydney… then finally NEW ZEALAND! Getting here kinda sucked- but its already totally worth it! (Im watching TV w/ a remote and using Free & Fast internet!)

I threw all my stuff together to leave Tuesday night in my cute ROXY bag…. but wasn’t able to fly out! So Wednesday (My BIRTHDAY!) I hung out, did some homework and was able to plan more for my trip!

I boarded the cramped plane at 3 am in the morning on Thursday, jumped on another different plane and crashed Friday night in tent city! Friday night I started my ‘journey’ from Kuwait to Dubai, then spent 9 hours on a flight from Dubai to Bangkok, switched planes and spent 8 more hours to Sydney- then 2 hours to Christchurch, NZ! Phew.

Dubai Airport and the City of Dubai

Dubai to Bangkok

Thank God for pictures!

Flying over NZ!

NZ Mountains

After trudging through customs and getting my passport stamped (!) I decided to try to get a flight to Queenstown (So I can hurry up and start my crazy adventures!!) I booked the flight for bright and early Monday morning and got a room in the shoddiest hotel! Budget hotel (I didn’t want to spend to much mula for one night… so I guess I get what I paid for!)

So…the Hotel was empty… and there is no central heat/AC… and dorm style bedroom furniture… but there is a TV with a remote, hot showers, no sand, and fast internet! Since the army… I can pretty much see the best out of things when they are actually shitty! 🙂

I’ve got some pictures from the flights- I’ll upload them later… right now I’ve gotta get some sleep so I can get into some trouble tomorrow!

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