This week I traveled to Camp Victory/Liberty on business! After I did what I needed to do (that took all of 5mins)- I got to hangout with my best friiieeend in the whole wide woooorld! It just so happened she does the same type of job I do-but in a different place and was deployed to Iraq while I was! Luck! Anyways- I was able to hangout in Victory for the weekend and stay away from any type of work!

Victory was awesome! There was water, trees, old palaces and birds! I was in aw the whole time! We went to some Mediterranean restaurant and smoked hookah both nights I was there and I got to go shopping! (shopping-the MOST important thing to do when in Iraq!) I got some goodies for my peeps back home, toured their BIG PX, and ate Burger King!

I know- sounds funny that I am SO excited about these things… but its been almost a year since I’ve been somewhere where there are more then 2 choices of products! O-o! I was also able to play my first ‘sport’ related activity there too! I learned to play Gatorball, its like a combo of soccer and basketball played on a soccer field. It was SUPER fun! [We haven’t been able to play sports this whole deployment…during the first week of our Pre-mob someone messed-up their knee so bad they couldn’t deploy!] So pretty much- playing a contact sport for the first time in a year was a BLAST!

Here are some shots I snapped! Across the pond is one of Saddam’s many palaces!

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  1. I hope you got a picture of you guys together. Glad you got to experience some civilization!

  2. You’ve got SO many experiences that I want to hear SO much more about!

    Am counting the days darlin’.

  3. I love all your pics… I think you need to publish a photobook after this!!

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